A modular and flexible responsive framework. Finally.

Mobile First

Our framework is completely designed and built mobile first to give you the greatest flexibility and most future-friendly responsive design approach.


CSS module names conform to the .block__element--modifier (BEM) coding conventions to provide just the right amount of verbosity and save your HTML from Classitis.


We've built Awesomeness on Sass and Compass to make CSS fun again! With great power comes great responsibility :)


With Awesomeness, building great and complex layouts is a breeze. We've included the most powerful and flexible responsive grid system you'll find out there.

Font Awesome

Admit it, you love font icons. We know, they're awesome. That's why Awesomeness comes with Font Awesome. A lot of awesome, right? You're welcome.

CSS Transitions

We've put in some nice and decent CSS transitions, not too little, not too much. And just in case the browser doesn't support 'em, there is a rock-solid jQuery fallback.


The only way to handle different contexts properly is feature detection. Awesomeness includes Modernizr and makes it easy for you to react to specific device features.


All your scripts are belong to us. No seriously, scripts should be modular and scalable. Awesomeness relies on AMD architecture and lets RequireJS do the heavy-lifting.